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Review: Entropy by Jess Anastasi

Entropy by Jess Anastasi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a completely new series and author for me, as a reader I am always looking for a new series (I prefer them to single releases) to dig my teeth into when the opportunity to receive a comp copy presented itself I jumped on it - I am so glad I took the chance - I will be adding The Atrophy series to my must own list
The world building was multi-faceted both in detail and element. I was easily able to picture the different species and the ports they visited
The plotline was smooth - lots of engaging action and OMG moments that are guaranteed to keep you riveted to your reader
The characters were vivid - each supporting the storyline and opposing cast members wholly - I could visualize their interactions, which just made the story that much more
I really enjoyed the banter between Qae and Camille - for me, they came across as "that" couple - the ones who seem more like friends with benefits than the type to settle down an…

💖 BOOK REVIEWS FOR THE WEEK 💖 📚 08/12/2018 📚

🧛  Alpha Pair by Brenda Sparks
❣️  Protector's Claim by Airicka Phoenix
😳 That Guy by Belle Brooks
🌟 Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom
💕 Fur Verona by Gwyn McNamee
🚀 Entropy by Jess Anastasi 📚  08/12/2018 📚 

Review: Torment - Torment - Part One: A Dark Thriller Romance by Dahlia Kent

Torment - Part One: A Dark Thriller Romance by Dahlia Kent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No Spoilers-
UGH, I Want more!!
Let me start with this is part one of a serial read - it ends on a cliffy so be prepared
We currently have three major players - though a supporting character does stand out as a possible major player (or at least her storyline will be spotlighted) in future releases
Grace - there is a lot of breadcrumbs dropped here and there that lead me to believe she has some serious skeletons in her closet - A married middle age seamstress who at first seems just a touch meek and a bit on the naive side - not really innocent , maybe more of a "head in the sand" type personality ? She finds her backbone pretty quick when her world is upended thanks to
Robert - Grace's loving hard working husband that is all I can say about this man without giving away a whole lot
Then there is the dark and villainous Nicholas Vidal - though I have to admit I am not sure who is the tru…

Review: SCAR: A Dark Military Romance by Loki Renard

SCAR: A Dark Military Romance by Loki Renard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mary is such a sweet and innocent little 👼 - just don't get on her bad side
Ken is the take no prisoners alpha who has no qualms about doling out a stern punishment when he deems it necessary
Then there is Tom - a comforting port in the worst of storms
If you are looking for a romance that will keep your adrenaline level spiked while at the same time giving your heart the warm fuzzies look no further
Action packed with more twists and turns than Lombard street

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Review: Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom

Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom

Please, for your readers, fix this
This should be a ten-star 🌟 read
The way Ilsa delivered every emotion and innuendo was what captivated me and kept me engaged - a kick @ $s female lead that not only held her own physically but also was superior to some of the male leads while simultaneously showing just a hint of the softer emotional side
The characters were all larger than life - both protagonists and the antagonists were very detailed and crafted in a way that only complimented the storyline as well as supporting the rest of the cast
The world building was strong though I would have enjoyed a little more detail in certain areas -being a first in series I believe a lot of that will come later on
This ends on a hellacious and highly emotionally cliffhanger
Now the reason why I reduced the stars 😟, I normally would have closed the pages on a story that contained so many errors -if it was not for the truly amazing storytelling and the extremely entertain…