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💔 Scar Me (book 2) by India R. Adams 🔮 Gheidh by Marishka Grayson 🛣️ Misadventures with a Country Boy by Elizabeth Hayley 🚀 The Starfarer by Petra Landon 👺 Sons of Darkness: A Night Vigil Novel by Gail Z. Martin 💕 Stark Memory by Ceri Grenelle

#NewRelease #Giveaway → As You Were (Rising Star Series Book #2) by Lee Piper

#NewRelease #Giveaway --> Bad Reputation by SL Scott

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#PreOrder ➙ Saving Infiniti by Rose Garcia

Review: Twisted Love by R. Linda

Twisted Love by R. Linda

This is not a romance this is a dark psychological thriller
That being said if dark and damaged is not your usual read I would recommend skipping Twisted Love
Where to start??
Hendrix - I have mixed feelings about this character - Why would he allow this? Why wasn't he stronger? Why didn't he change things? why? why? why? - The answer was really obvious once I stepped outside of the chaos - he was raised under Ray's constant physical and psychological abuse warping his perception of reality.
Lucy - I enjoyed the strength her character emitted - she was smart enough to conceeed when she knew she had no chance - It was interesting how her mind analyzed and rationalized situations - Stockholm would be putting it mildly
Kat- Mom ... yeah I will let you figure that one out
This is filled with one twist and "OH NO" moment after another - again this is a dark psychological thriller and reads as such
I am curious to see how our characters and …