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#NewRelease ➙ Bella: A Mafia Romance by Kimberly Soto

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Review: Bella: The Begining by Kimberly Soto

Bella: The Begining by Kimberly Soto

I was not sure what to expect when I accepted a comp copy of Bella.
Soto was a new author for me and I went in quite blind.
I read this in one sitting - An intense and engaging read that literally had me white knuckling my reader.
Wonderful characters - The main characters are charismatic and stayed true to their natures - I found myself easily connecting to them. The supporting cast is just as vivid and intriguing.
The storyline kept me on edge and engaged (vocally and physically).
A faultless storyline - I do want to note that some scenes do go back and forth within the timeline, so you want to pay attention to the details - This is the first part of a series.
Bella does not want to be a "bargaining chip" but not every princess gets what she wants. Bella's character is a spitfire of a woman. Strong willed, plucky at times and resilient (which comes in quite handy) - She knows when to back down and when to take that leap of faith.