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Our Book Thoughts 💭 and Reviews March 15th

📚 03/15/20 📚
🥊 Misadventures in the Cage by Sarah Robinson
🥂 Taken With You by Carrie Ann Ryan
🗡️ Shadow of Angels by Kathryn Ann Kingsley
❣️ Dark Russian Angel by Odette Stone
🧜‍ The Hunted by Bethany-Kris
🦁 Fighting the Lies by Anna Edwards

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Misadventures in the Cage (Misadventures, #27)Misadventures in the Cage by Sarah Robinson
Are they both caged into lives they never wanted?
Callan Walsh kicks ass. In fact, he’s famous for it. As one of the brightest up-and-coming stars on the MMA scene, he’s an absolute beast in the cage…and out. Everything he’s trained for has brought him to this moment. Going toe-to-toe with reigning champ Xavier Gray will make or break his career. Nothing can distract him from his lifelong goal. Nothing. Until he meets…his opponent’s little sister.
Josie Gray is hell on wheels, gorgeous AF, and has a mouth that doesn’t stop. The reluctant reality-television star is every man’s dream, but she’s about to become Callan’s nightmare. Tired of being in her brother’s fight-club entourage, Josie desperately desires her own life out of the limelight. Her loyalty to family keeps her tangled in faux fame, but what she feels for Callan is the realest thing she’s ever known.
Sparks fly when Callan comes to Josie’s rescue, leading to an all-consuming fire after a single night together. Forever is right at their fingertips, if only everything—and everyone—wasn’t working to keep them apart. Will Callan and Josie fight through family ties to come out on top? Or are they both caged into lives they never wanted?
"Did you just put two and two together that you're in the middle of the desert with a virtual stranger, and he's digging a hole for a body?"
One two punch of humor and romance!
Thoughts 💭
Jos is a sight to behold. Her character had three quirkiest sense of humor. Unhappily trapped by the conditions of "family first", Josie looks for relief and fulfillment in the smallest of moments. A stolen smile here a brief escape there. Things finally get to be too much when her well-scripted reality delivers her a painful wake-up blow that forces her to make a choice. No matter which direction she goes her heart will pay, but staying is not an option.
Walsh couldn't help but find himself drawn to the little firecracker of a woman. Giving in to his curiosity he indulges his desires.
One night - No strings.
All regret.
I loved the chemistry between these two. Walsh had such a sweet side to him, one that Jos only seemed to make brighter.
Really disliked Josie family -
Xavier needed to be brought down a peg or two or three. (it would have taken a lot more to bring me to forgive him)
Mom just needed someone to pull off her blinders
Another wonderfully addition to the Misadventures collections.
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Taken With You (Fractured Connections, #4)Taken With You by Carrie Ann Ryan
It all started at a wedding. Beckham didn’t mean to dance with Meadow. And he really didn’t mean to kiss her. But now, she’s the only thing on his mind. And when it all comes down to it, she’s the only person he can’t have.
He’ll just have to stay away from her, no matter how hard they’re pulled together.
Running away from her friend’s wedding isn’t the best way to keep the gossip at bay. But falling for the mysterious and gorgeous bartender at her friends’ bar will only make it worse. Beckham has his secrets, and she refuses to pry.
Once burned, twice kicked down, and never allowed to get up again. Yet taking a chance with him might be the only choice she has. And the only one she wants.
For fans of Carrie Ann’s Fractured Connections series, Taken With You is book four in that series.
Thoughts 💭:
A tale of the past and the future colliding with the present.
Sometimes you just have to grab what you want!
Beckham knew he should stay away but that taste. That brief moment. He was a goner.
Meadow is hiding. Hiding from her past and hiding from her future. Both are hot on her heels.
Beckham had me at "I want". He was so honest with himself it was attractive as all. He knew the risks but he also knew who haunted his every moment. Meadow was tired of hiding from the past. Before her was a chance. She knew it probably would end badly but for the now she would indulge.
This is a stand-alone novella based on two characters from the Fractured Connections series. Easy to read heartfelt romance.
A sweet journey that left me wanting to know more about the supporting cast. Some of them are an absolute riot.
I will be adding this series to my TBR list.
The 1001 Dark Nights series is a collection of complete stand-alone novella stories that give the reader the chance to indulge in a new author, enjoy a shorter length read that is guaranteed to still have a beginning a middle and an end. A guaranteed HEA.
A stay-cation that will leave lasting memories.
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Shadow of Angels (Halfway Between #1)Shadow of Angels by Kathryn Ann Kingsley
The first time I died was November 1st, 1945. That might’ve been the first time, but it certainly wasn’t the last.
My name is Veil, and my life has been far from normal. Everything I thought I knew about myself had been a lie. Every single thing. Turns out, I had been in the care of a cult dedicated to a King in Hell and fallen archangel.
But after learning the truth of who—or what—I was, I devoted my life to stopping them and everyone like them.
Which is why when I learned that Boston was under siege from an occult society who was slaughtering innocents, I had no choice but to come and stop them. Even if it meant it would take me piece by piece through that past I’d spent seventy years trying to avoid—and right into the presence of the archdemon I’d been running from for so very long. Asmodeus.
Just when I thought things could not get worse, I realized once more that I had no clue what was coming next…
Thoughts 💭:
"There is nothing worse in this world than to reap the cost of half-truths and see them in the eyes of those who look back at us in betrayal and hate." - Alistair
Holy schnikeys!! The ending!
Brother - Toy - Plot twists aplenty!
Kingsley was a bit sneaky in my opinion with how she started this series.
Oh, she starts us out with a bang - action and adventure, bloodshed, morbid comedy, mayhem, lots of mayhem.
But it always felt incomplete (? )
As though despite all the events transpiring something was coming - Something more - Something was just out of reach
Then suddenly she slams open the gates of hell o.... it's all downhill from there
Our band of seriously mismatched, backward vigilantes is in for one very rough road
A dark cult who seems to always be one step ahead and led by a very powerful but unknown force? Entity? Is wreaking havoc on the streets of Boston and wants the archangels.
Can our crew of misfits pull it together long enough, without killing each other to save the world?
Or will self prejudices and blind ambitions only aid the enemy?
Let us talk about the cast
I'm a little, no, a lot disappointed in Veil. Oh, she is a kick-arse take no prisoners annihilate all evil heroine but she's also punishing those around her for her mistakes and the regret/guilt she feels for her past. She may not like certain circumstances but she is the one degrading her worth - no one else! You need to step back Veil and reevaluate. You need to close your mouth and listen - NO, listen! Hear what is actually being said not what you want to here.
Now that that's off my chest
Speaking of misfits
Melon - You are such a good little imp, yes you are. Ignore Conrad
Conrad chill with the trigger finger though thanks for the laughs
Gabe pull the stick out and loosen up a bit
Richard go home you have done enough in this war
Azrael you can't stand on the sidelines forever
And my dear sweet Alistair if she can't see past her anger and guilt you are always welcome in my ... 😈

Kathryn (yes you Kingsley) Bring it on!

Dark Russian AngelDark Russian Angel by Odette Stone
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,
And I witnessed a crime.
The police are failing to protect me.
And my chance of survival isn’t looking good.
Andrusha, is the cold and dangerous leader of the Vancouver Russian mafia,
He’s also my best chance to make it to trial alive.
The only thing we have in common,
Is our shared enemy.
This man is everything your mom warned you about.
He’s ruthless.
He’s cold
Thoughts 💭:
Suspense - Angst -  Heat
This was so much more than just a fun of the mill mafia romance
The build between Andrushda and Olivia was intense. I enjoy when there is a solid foundation between main characters.
The story line was intense - I truly wasn't sure , okay except for a certain someone, who was the bad guy and who could be trusted
Olivia was a great lead she wasn't overly innocent or too "demanding" ? She fit I could t help but adore her
Andrushda *sigh* He wasn't a domineering tyrant I think he truly cared about how his choices affected others
He wasn't a saint he did what was necessary to run his business but he also was honest about his desires
Vicktor .... I want his story
If you enjoy a mafia romance with substance this would be a strong recommendation

The HuntedThe Hunted by Bethany-Kris
Let the hunt begin …
After witnessing the murder of his mother by a mermaid, Prince Eryx Bloodhurst of Atlas makes a deal to sedate his need for vengeance: they’ll catch the mermaid who did the deed, but he’ll pay for it with his crown.
Arelle, third princess of the Blu Sea, has never known the true cruelty of the forbidden lands firsthand, but she will soon. The halfling prince with murder in his eyes and the sea’s songs in his blood will make sure of that.
He should kill her.
Perhaps, keeping her might be worse.
Two kingdoms are falling. One king is losing it all and another threatens to ruin everything. The rules of the land and sea are changing. Secrets of the past are spilling.
And all because of a prince and his little mermaid—whether they live or die—nothing in the realm will ever be the same.
Thoughts 💭:
I will never think of Arelle the same.
I think I preferred this version to the original.
Loving. Giving. Understanding.
Willing to sacrifice for those she cares about.
Be honest the original one was a bit greedy and never satisfied ... kept wanting to add to her hoard no matter the cost.
The best of intentions our sweet mermaid had.
Eryx is much more than the spoilt prince he portrays to the world. He has a softer side - or he did until that tragic night that took the one thing he cared above all else - now he feels nothing except the need to avenge - to give back upon her tenfold the pain that she so callously laid at his feet.
He knows things are not right in his kingdom he also knows he is unable to change anything. It matters not for him though - once he gets his revenge it can all burn.
Poe is a selfish, self-absorbed brat - sorry kiddo but you reap what you sew. Though I am curious to see how things turn out for you. Did you learn anything? Will you get your HEA?
I wouldn't really label this dark per se.
It does deal with kidnapping, slavery and some pretty cruel actions all in the name of feeding one's desires and dishing out a dose of revenge.
The story line has all kinds of twists and surprises.
Enough suspense to keep me on edge for most of the story line.
The characters are easy to connect with - Instantly loved or loathed them.
The end takes a moment to process I did not see that coming - Some important subplots were left floating in the debris -
I am wondering if that was the author's intention or is there a next in series?
Because I have all kinds of questions

Fighting the Lies (Glacial Blood #2)Fighting the Lies by Anna Edwards
The cage door closes on Emma Bryant’s freedom after she is arrested for a brutal murder that she did not commit. The tough-talking lioness knows the penalty she faces is death. Can she repel all of the lies in order to survive?
Scott Frazier is always the joker. Beneath the golden lion’s mane is hidden a secret that just might save the woman he’s known to be his future mate since the first time he saw her. The blood of kings runs through him. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice to save the one he loves?
Fighting the Lies is the sequel to The Touch of Snow; the paranormal romance that had non-readers converting to the genre. It continues the story of the Glacial Blood pack as they strive to save a member from the horrific position she finds herself in. But the story isn’t that simple, not when Nuka Lincoln is around, and an impending storm threatens the world as they know it. The Glacial Blood world is full of intrigue, suspense and kick arse fights. It also features a secret that should remain untold.
A family isn’t always blood; it’s the people in your life that accept you for what you are.
Thoughts 💭:
Ever have to set down a book
Step back for a moment just so you can catch a breath,
Reduce your blood pressure and the anxiety threatening to choke you?
This was that for me
I couldn't figure any way out of the nightmare Emma was trapped in
Ughhhh I hate that hopeless feeling
Scott kills me 😂
He is such a fluffy lovable immovable piece of furniture
I am not going to recap the story - it's in the blurb
This is the second in series so if you are here and you haven't been there - you need to go back to the beginning
Otherwise, you miss all the subtle innuendos, the true depth of evil our villains are capable of and the love 💘 and bond of the family Our little pack of misfits shares

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