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Beautiful Things Evil People Do a Dark Romance by Kailee Samuels ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Title: Beautiful Things Evil People Do
Author: Kailee Samuels
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: January 19, 2021

I wrote the ad to get attention.
I wanted a hot topic for my paper.
I needed to stand out in the crowd.
A few months later, he showed up.

I may have gotten more than I bargained for.
Because in my fantasy, I never thought he’d stay.

A Dark Romance, Kailee Samuels’ Beautiful Things Evil People Do, is a full length, standalone with a happily ever after. Recommended for mature readers 18+, not suitable for people sensitive on hard to read dark themes. BTEPD is about meeting challenges head on, finding fearless courage within, and embracing love wherever it may lead.

Echo you need more than a visit to the shed!

I don't want to ruin this story or rewrite the blurb
So I will give you a scene that I believe outlines the story well

"I stalked, drugged, and abducted you. What part of that screams a healthy relationship? I am toxic. We are toxic." - Jynx
"I want to be intoxicated" - Echo

This, for me, was the sweetest romance. It wasn't just about finding your soul mate and falling in love it was also about dealing with all those pesky bones hiding in the closest. Facing your fears and deciding if you want to live your life by your definition of happy or someone else's definition of happy -
Takes a lot to stand against the tide but it is always easier with someone you trust at your back

"Life bends. We sway. We can choose to flow through the obstacles or fight against one another in the challenges. "

I would have disagreed with Jynx regarding Echo - after the 3rd time I would have walked away - I am glad he was more patient than me because he was right. Echo is full of life and she was worth holding on to. She is young but she is quick to catch on and put things together. Her mind is constantly spinning and I think that was part of her problem (that and her past demons) the reason why she couldn't move past the blockage her past had created
Jynx is older and not quite who we think he is - sooooo not spoiling that surprise but as the secrets slowly unravel let's just say I was like a kid in a candy shop - He has his own demons but he is also the absolutely sweetest sadist. Quite aware of the contradiction but wait till you meet the two halves that make up the whole.
Their journey?
 The pitfalls that come with how they met. 
The links to the present they are both unaware of. 
The raw desire they both have for the other.
It was a perfect mess.

"we're in a constant state of metamorphosis, changing and evolving, do not hinder what is meant to be."

If you have a problem with the darker side of BDSM, the psychological as well as the physical, this is not going to be the book for you.
Echo is a masochist and one of her kinks is being the victim. Our older and quite devilishly handsome male lead is a Sadist and he also has a few darker kinks.
Both are adults and quite capable of deciding what rocks their world. If you are okay with that then I highly suggest you find a quiet place and just enjoy the beauty of their obsessions as it truly is something to behold

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